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1. About Us

Have you just had a child diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder, (or autism, or autism spectrum condition) or Asperger Syndrome? Or do you feel that your child's social, communication or behavioural problems may point that way? You are not alone. There are now over 600 families with children like yours just in Haringey. We have put together this pack because finding the right information and help for your child can be a lonely, frustrating and bewildering task. Most of all, it can be very time-consuming, and time can be hard to find when you have a young autistic child.

Our own organisation, Haringey Autism, is the Haringey branch of the NAS (National Autistic Society). We are around 400 families in the borough all with children on the autistic spectrum. We send out newsletters by email to keep families in touch with a huge range of activities or services being offered to families, we run monthly support meetings for parents, have a lending library and website ( where you can find this pack and also the most recent newsletter, and a refurbished computer provision service, all available free of charge. We also now run a club for adults on the autism spectrum. Call to be added to our mailing list if you wish to join or just need to talk. (Tel: Julia 020 8889 8422)

We hope this pack will help you find your way through the minefield of local health, education, social services, and respite care and so be able to better access what help is there for you. We hope it will help you to meet other parents who have the same concerns as you, understand your situation and can offer their valuable experience to you. And lastly, we hope it will open up to you some fun ideas of where to go and what to do with your child in and around Haringey. And enlighten you on ways to help with behaviour, everyday problems and communication.


The first edition of this pack came out in 2002. This copy was updated in 2011. To keep our next version up to date, it would help greatly if you find a new or changed system, organisation, playscheme etc to let us know so that we can update the master copy. Many thanks.

Julia Wilkins/Haringey Autism. 020 8889 8422 .